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We help low-income families by providing the basic needs and educational opportunities needed to become financially independent.

Our services include food distributions, Lincoln's first Diaper Bank, household goods distributions, emergency services, English language classes, educational opportunities, and employment training. We also advocate for legislation and policies that help people overcome obstacles and escape poverty.

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2,859 families received food at the Center in September 2022. You can help keep our community fed through tough times now and for years to come. Make a gift today.


More than 1,700 families receive assistance at the Center each week. If you're having trouble buying food or diapers, we can help with weekly and monthly distributions for you and your family.


The Center distributed diapers to 934 babies in August 2022. You can make an immediate difference in the lives of young children who don't have enough diapers to stay clean, dry and healthy. Donate to the Center today.


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Shana and Eric both worked multiple jobs to support their small family. But now, with rising prices, they can't afford to buy enough food for their family. "It was hard to admit we needed help, but the Center made it easy to get food and diapers," said Shana.

Now, the family gets regular distributions of food and diapers, and Shana is pursuing an associate's degree through the POP scholarship program. She and Eric are both looking forward to the stability that will come with her new career. Thank you.

Shana and Eric, food and diaper clients, POP scholarship recipient View All Testimonials
shana, eric and family

Emma's parents couldn't afford much. It had been a tough year, and they were barely making rent. They visited the Center's Toyland event and picked out a stuffed animal for Emma. She named him "Pickles" and takes him everywhere. Thank you.

Emma, Toyland gift recipient View All Testimonials
Emma and Pickles

Sarah and Mark welcomed their son, Hunter, in January. He's a ray of sunshine in their lives, but also a new source of stress. When they went to buy diapers, they were blindsided by the cost—the price had doubled since their last baby was in diapers. Expenses added up quickly, and they started falling behind.

"We were out of money. Then we ran out of diapers. It was awful. We visit the Center every month for diapers now. Thank you."

Sarah and Mark, diaper clients View All Testimonials
sarah and hunter

This year has been rough. First, we all got COVID. A short while later, Suz had to stay home with Connor for a 14-day quarantine. She didn't have a full paycheck for two months, so we started visiting the Center occasionally for food. When Ethan got an ear infection, Suz's boss let her go—too much time off, they said. Now we visit the Center regularly for food and diapers.

Tony and Suzanne, food and diaper clients View All Testimonials
family - tony suzanne connor and ethan

Diapers are expensive, and our little guy goes through a LOT of them. Being able to get some diapers from the Center every month really helps. Thank you.

Ron and Sarah, diaper clients View All Testimonials
ron and sarah