You have the power to demand change.

Join us in the fight against poverty in our community! The Center actively advocates for regulations and legislation to remove the barriers that trap people in the cycle of poverty. Sign-up below to receive emails and action alerts from the Center and stay up-to-date on important legislation and advocacy opportunities.

Current priorities:

LB108 SNAP Cliff Effect Bill
Nebraskans are hardworking, and we should be rewarding that hard work, not discouraging it. Current SNAP limitations discourage some low-income workers for striving for pay increases or better-paying jobs, as the resulting small increase could mean a larger loss of SNAP benefits. Email your state senator today and encourage them to support LB108.

LB485 Expanded Childcare Subsidy Eligibility
Every child deserves access to quality early child care and education. Child care is expensive -- in Nebraska, child care for a single infant costs 24.4% more than the average rent. Low-income parents cannot work and provide for their families without reliable child care. Email your state senator today and encourage them to support LB485, and expand child care subsidy eligibility for low-income families.

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