Hunger Action Month

The financial toll of COVID-19 continues to strain families throughout our community, especially as pandemic safety nets expire.

The world desperately wants a return to "normal." But it's coming at the expense of those who can least afford it.

This month, join us in supporting Feeding America and food banks and pantries (like us) across the country in our efforts to spread the word about hunger, food insecurity, and the need that exists right here in our community.

  • Before the pandemic, millions of Americans faced hunger each year, including about 37,000 of our neighbors right here in Lancaster County. That included about 1 in 5 children.
  • The pandemic has greatly increased need. We've issued temporary Center Cards to more than 3,400 new families seeking food at the Center. We distribute food to an average of 1,500 families each week.
  • Food insecurity for children can mean a lot more than hunger. It can mean an increase in health conditions like anemia or asthma, developmental impairments in language or motor skills, or an increase in social and behavioral problems.

Get involved

Be a social media advocate!

We've gone orange in support of #HungerActionMonth. Join the campaign for awareness by using our Facebook frame or another hunger-related frame and going orange on your social media profile.

Start a fundraiser on your profile to benefit the Center or another hunger-fighting organization.

Share facts and statistics about hunger, and tell your friends and family what you're doing to help end hunger this month.

Take action, raise your voice!

Your representatives in government need to hear from you. Contact them and tell them about the financial impact the pandemic continues to have on our community.

Entry-level employment opportunities may be plentiful right now, but a lot of the positions available don't offer paid leave or a living wage. Those conditions aren't feasible for a family with young children. Missed work due to a child's exclusion from school or daycare can mean a much smaller paycheck or, even worse, being fired. And anyone who has experienced diaper need knows that it can kickoff a vicious cycle that makes it impossible for a parent to get or maintain employment.

Without paid time off or a livable wage, skilled and capable parents may be kept out of the workforce for years -- that's something our community absolutely cannot afford.


If you cannot afford to donate money toward hunger-fighting organizations like ours, consider donating your time and talents. Check out the volunteer opportunities we have available now at


If you're able, consider a monetary donation in honor of #HungerActionMonth and keep Lincoln fed.

Hunger Action Day

Friday, September 17, 2021 is Hunger Action Day. Wear orange and raise your voice to call attention to the millions of Americans facing hunger across the country and those right here in our own community.

Thank you.

We can't keep our friends and neighbors fed without YOU!

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