Get a Center Card

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently requiring an application for services.

To participate in our food and diaper distributions, simply visit during normal distribution hours and bring your current or expired Center Card.

If you do not have a Center Card, bring a photo ID of any kind (driver's license, passport, student ID, service card from another organization, etc.) and we will issue you a temporary card, which will grant you access to our current services.

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, participants in the Center's food distribution may be asked to attest that their household income is at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.


When we return to the application process for a Center Card, the requirements will be as follows.

To apply for or update a Center Card

If you live in Lincoln or Lancaster County and need assistance, you can apply for a CFPIN ID Card to receive services at the Center for People in Need.

The following items are required in order to receive or update a Center Card:

  1. Photo ID for all adults requesting a card.
  2. Documents verifying date of birth for all members of the household, including spouse, roommates, and minors.  If minors are foster care of guardianship placement or if there is a custody agreement in place, please bring documents to support this.
  3. A piece of mail with name and current address or a lease signed within 30 days if mail is not available.
  4. Income verification, including any and all that, apply - please see the list below.
Income Verification items
  • A paycheck stub or last year's tax return
  • Child support
  • Foster care stipend
  • ADC
  • A written and signed letter from a person you are receiving financial assistance from
  • SSI - retirement or disability
  • Unemployment
  • or any other income anyone in the household receives
Family Income Requirements

The financial requirement is that your household income should be no greater than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Here are the income guidelines:

Household Size - Maximum Monthly Income

1 - $2,147
2 - $2,903
3 - $3,660
4 - $4,417
5 - $5,173
6 - $5,930
For each additional family member, add $378.33.

If your monthly household income is less than or equal to the maximum income listed above for your household size, you can come to our office and complete an application form with one of our intake staff.

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