New 'service' for homeless

marjan moshiri
Monday, August 1

Special Bags With Love is a new selection of food and personal grooming items specifically set aside for people experiencing homelessness. The brainchild of long-time Center staffer Marjan Moshiri, the special section began when she learned that people experiencing homelessness had a hard time making use of the Center's typical distribution, which often includes foods that require a can opener, access to refrigeration or a stove.

Upon realizing this, Marjan scoured the Center's warehouse for easy-open canned goods and other nonperishable foods that don't require special appliances to store, prepare and enjoy. She also gathered a variety of travel-sized personal care products—shampoos, soaps, feminine hygiene products, etc.—often needed by those without a home.

Now when a person or family experiencing homelessness visits the Center, staff can easily gather the appropriate foods and products, pack them into a duffel bag with wheels, and give them a Special Bag With Love.

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