Parents still feeling the strain of hunger at home

Baby with bowl
Tuesday, September 1

I’m counting my blessings. So far, no one in my family has been dramatically affected by COVID-19; no one has lost their job or fallen victim to the virus that has affected so many. My grandchildren have enough food to eat, clean clothing to wear, air conditioning to keep them comfortable, and internet access to keep them on-track with school. But other families aren’t faring so well—there is real suffering in our community, even though some things appear to be “getting back to normal.”

In past years, school beginning in the fall was a relief for families who relied on district-provided breakfasts and lunches to keep their children fed. This year, some children are attending classes in-person, some are logging in to class remotely, and some are doing a bit of both. For those whose parents struggle to put enough food on the table, this fall’s back-to-school season may not be offering any relief.

Last week, we hit a new record at the Center for People in Need—not one that makes me smile, though. Over 1,500 families came to the Center for food in a single week. We have been able to provide for these families, in part, because people like you have been so generous. With your help, we’ve been able to continue to distribute food five days a week. Because of you, we’ve been able to make sure that children have enough food to eat so they can be learning‑ready.

When I count my blessings, your generosity is among them. Thank you.

Jo Ann Emerson
Director of Fund Development

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