Thank you isn't strong enough - From the Director of Fund Development

Wednesday, May 27

There aren’t words grand enough to express the way I feel about our community right now. My muteness is borne of the incredible generosity exhibited in our town. As the reality of the novel coronavirus hit, friends and neighbors sprang into action to help those in need. Community-wide, people stepped up.

At the Center, we had to rethink our distribution operation and expand our service to the more than 650 new families coming for food. Facebook groups and staff family members sewed masks for our distribution team; people launched diaper drives or offered to volunteer their time; and many shared their resources, contributing generously to our cause. Some of you contributed a portion of or your entire stimulus check. Some of you gave and intimated your gratitude for not being in our food line yourself.

In a matter of weeks, AT&T and the Wells Fargo Foundation approached the Center and asked us to submit funding proposals, which were both quickly funded. The Lincoln Community Foundation gathered philanthropists who helped the helpers continue to run the nonprofits so vital to our community.

If there is ever a time that I can conceive of an adequate expression of gratitude, it might be more like a firework that lights the sky. It will feel loud, colorful, and awesome. But until that time, I will only say thank you, dear reader.

Warmest regards,

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