Thanks to our 'heroes' of the past year

Jo Ann Emerson
Monthly Food
Monday, March 22

It doesn’t seem possible that we have come to the one-year mark of the pandemic. We’ve all endured a lot; some so much more than others. At the Center, we’ve had moments of laughter and tears of sorrow—not enough of the first and more than enough of the latter. Over these long months, many of us have used words and phrases like “unprecedented,” “heroes,” “out of an abundance of caution,” and “in these trying times” so often that our high school English teachers would have handed us a thesaurus. But bear with me, please, as here I go again.

There are so many heroes in our little corner of the city. We’ve been able to make a tremendous impact on families with insufficient access to food because of these heroes. You, dear reader, are our heroes. Without your outpouring of support over these months (and ongoing), it would not be possible to continue our food distributions. We would not have the resources to provide support for people needing to apply for SNAP benefits, we would not have the wrapped diapers for babies, and we would not have the temporary staff members who have toiled alongside of permanent staff members.

Our staff members are also heroes. They are the unsung front-line workers. They have worked outdoors, through all of the varied and severe conditions that Nebraska weather entails. And they have done so with humor and grace, because they care that families have nourishing food. They just plain care.

The pandemic isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot.

While we have good news about the declining number of infections, promising vaccines, and top-notch scientists working hard for us, poverty and need continue. The stock market is faring well, but our families are not. We all will have to hunker down for the long haul to make sure families have food on the table and children have full bellies.

Just remember that you are making this work happen. In these unprecedented times, you are our heroes.

With a grateful heart,
Jo Ann Emerson
Director of Fund Development

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