We rise by lifting others

macala carter
Monday, August 1

In 2023, the Center for People in Need will mark 20 years of serving the Lincoln community. There’s much to be imagined for the Center’s future. But as we look forward, I also want to honor the past—to acknowledge how and why the Center has made it to this point and pay tribute to those who brought us here.

The Past

According to John Brasch, husband to the Center’s dynamic founder, Beatty’s drive for civic reform and social justice was formed by high school, when she took him to his first protest—a march led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for civil and economic rights. Since then, John and Beatty’s relationship blossomed and remained anchored in securing and protecting the basic needs of Lincoln’s residents.

Today, it would be difficult to find anyone in the nonprofit sector who wasn’t familiar with Beatty Brasch. Dave Van Horn, vice chair of the Center’s board, commented that Beatty has made a difference in more lives in this community than can be counted.

I’ve heard numerous stories about Beatty from community leaders, and the same words have been repeated throughout: visionary, entrepreneur, impactful, fierce, tenacious, committed and dedicated. Though any one superlative can stand alone, the combination is quite a tribute to her life and work. Beatty saw a need, understood the possibility and acted. And so the Center came to be.

The Present

For the past six years, Chris Funk served as the executive director of the Center. During her term, Chris has made an indelible impression with her resiliency—her ability to respond to the increasing number of families needing services, even through a global pandemic. She also positioned a team of top talent and guided them with discipline, passion and drive. The dedication and commitment of the team at the Center is unparalleled.

Chris’s imprint serves as a reminder to us all to remain steadfast, keep true to getting the basics right, foster relationships within the community, and always cherish the team around us. I’m honored to follow Chris’s example and abide by her tenets.

The Future

I’m excited to play an active role in the Center’s future. My passion for serving those in need is personally tethered—a piece of my identity. Our go-forward plan will continue to keep people at the heart of our work, as we expand and diversify our efforts to serve. We will rise by lifting others.

As we move to the future, I invite you to connect with me. I love hearing comments and suggestions about the Center or unrecognized needs in the Lincoln community. To reach me directly, call 402.473.3010 or email mcarter@cfpin.org. I’m also happy to take you on a tour of the Center, so stop by anytime.

It’s through the generosity of people like you that the Center is able to continue its mission. Thank you for your support and advocacy—we couldn’t do what we do without you!

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